Car rental in Qeshm

Qeshm Island is the largest island of Hormozgan province and the largest island of Iran. This island is located in the Strait of Hormuz and its special and unique nature has caused it to be called the “Island of Seven Wonders”.

There are so many places to see in Qeshm that you probably will not be able to see them all during your stay if you rent a car from sweech and visit all of them.

Among the sights of Qeshm, we can mention Naz Islands, Kharbas Cave, Star Valley, Hengam Island, Mangrove Forest, Chahkuh Strait, Namakdan Cave.
Naz Islands is one of the most spectacular islands adjacent to Qeshm Island. The distance of this island from Qeshm is about 22 km, which you can easily visit by renting a car in Qeshm.

The island has no sandy beach and is surrounded by rock walls, and at low tide for a short time, a strip of land is created between the island and the coast of Qeshm. Although the tide time is very short, but at this distance you can see from the top of Naz Island, Lark Island and the Strait of Hormuz. This island is not inhabited and there are only a few canopies by local and indigenous fishermen to relax on, where you can enjoy watching this beautiful island.

Another place of interest in Qeshm is the Kharbas cave complex. Qeshm Kharbs Caves are located about 10 km away from Qeshm city. In general, they were formed from a series of nested caves that were formed by soil erosion and its passage through the rocks. Later, the natives came to their cave to form and use these caves, which are about 30 meters above the ground, and now it has become one of the tourist attractions in Qeshm.

The Valley of the Stars or the Valley of the Stars is one of the sights of Qeshm, which is located near the village of Barake Khalaf. By renting a car in Qeshm, we can easily visit this attractive attraction. This valley is geologically about 2 million years old. Due to the erosion of the soil of that area, very special and interesting designs have been created in this valley.

The loose soil of this area has caused a lot of erosion through wind and rain, and when the wind blows in the valley, strange sounds are heard that some locals say is the voice of goblins and therefore do not visit this valley at night.

Do you know how to rent a car from Qeshm sweech Station?

In recent years, people have used cars more than other vehicles for domestic and suburban traffic, and now the use of car rental services in Iran has become an important part of travel.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience of driving a different car, if you are planning a memorable trip, if you have traveled to Iran and need a car during your stay, or if your car is not usable for any reason, you can take action during this time. Do not rent the car you need.

With a large fleet of cars, the sweech has gained a leading position in the car rental industry. The benefits of car rental from the sweech are very special and distinct and according to international standards, provides car rental services from the sweech throughout Iran.

sweech with the expansion and establishment of fixed stations in Qeshm and other cities of Iran, in order to satisfy customers by offering a wide range of cars in economy class to luxury car rental services without driver, with driver and transfer to customers.

It is worth mentioning that no special conditions are required for renting a car, and by providing valid identification documents, you can rent the car you need with easy conditions throughout Iran, including car rental in Qeshm, car rental in Tehran, car rental in Bandar Abbas, car rental Do it in Kish and other stations.

Car rental prices vary based on the number of rental days, car model and type of contract.

Van H1

1 to 2 days : 76 Eu Daily
3 to 6 days : 72 Eu Daily
7 to 13 days : 69 Eu Daily


Kia Sportage 2014

1 to 2 days : 81 Eu Daily
3 to 6 days : 78 Eu Daily
7 to 13 days : 75 Eu Daily


Hyundai Santa Fe

1 to 2 days : 113 Eu Daily
3 to 6 days : 108 Eu Daily
7 to 13 days : 104 Eu Daily


H Tucson New

1 to 2 days : 124 Eu Daily
3 to 6 days : 119 Eu Daily
7 to 13 days : 114 Eu Daily


Car rental in Qeshm

If you are planning to travel to Qeshm or you need a cheap car to do your daily chores, renting a car from Qeshm in Qeshm is the best choice for you. Have in Qeshm.

The sweech allows you to pick up the car you want at your accommodation, hotel or any other desired point in Qeshm and then return it to any other station across the country.

sweech in Qeshm gives you the privilege to get your car in the shortest time and without worrying about traffic restrictions and travel to any part of Qeshm, also all cars with basic insurance coverage for free and a daily allowable distance of 300 km in All car classes are available to customers.

The necessary documents for renting a car in Qeshm and other cities are the same and you can find out the price of renting a car without a driver and the conditions of renting a car in Qeshm with just one call.

sweech stations in Qeshm

The sweech has two stations in Qeshm. You can rent your car from Qeshm Airport sweech Station, Shahid Zakeri Qeshm Pier sweech Station.

Car rental services in Qeshm are provided in the form of driverless car rental.

sweech cars are offered in this station from economy class to luxury, and you can choose your car according to your needs.

Price list of rental cars Depending on the car model, the number of rental days varies .

Contact information of Qeshm stations

Qeshm Airport Station: Mobile: 00989177970087

Shahid Zakeri Qeshm Station: Mobile: 00989177970087

Iran Sweech car rental company has been the official representative of Europcar Iran since 2011 in the field of car rental with and without driver. The switch has started operating with more than 15 stations in 11 cities and all international airports in Iran. In addition to Iran, this group offers its services all over the world without the need for a credit card.

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