Car rental in France

France is a country of great entertainment and delicious cheeses, the most popular tourist destination in the world. Every year, 82 million foreign tourists visit France. The historical sites of this dream country are very famous and belong to different eras. France has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its historical attractions are not limited to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Champs Elysees; in fact, it has so many historical attractions that most tourists do not know where to start.
The high facilities of cultural cities (Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon), the beach, the ski slope and the rural areas attract tourists and renting a car in France makes exploring among these beauties and the tranquility of nature more enjoyable.

Travel to France

  • Minimum legal driving age: For a B license, at least 18 years of road driving 21 years
  • Kilometer limit in the city: 40 to 50 km
  • Out-of-town speed limit: 100 km
  • Highway speed limit: 120 to 110 km
  • Alcoholic beverages while driving: not allowed
  • Insurance: Insurance is also required for vehicles
  • Route of cars: In France, cars move on the right side of the street
  • Currency: Euro
  • Gasoline price per liter: 1.57 euros
  • Contact number of the French Embassy in Tehran 02140006409
  • Contact number of the Iranian Embassy in France 00330140697900

Car rental in France

Car rental in France, which is one of the most popular destinations for car rental, can make visiting this country very exciting because there are valuable and interesting activities and events for you on this trip that become a comfortable and pleasant experience by having a car. This beautiful land is bordered by Italy to the south, Germany to the east and the Netherlands to the north, and is bordered by the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and Switzerland. Each region of France has its own unique beauties. By renting a car in France from Iran Switch, you can visit more and more diverse areas in this country more easily and at a lower cost than other vehicles by scheduling your trip.

Car rental in Paris

Among all the beautiful cities of this country, most travelers visit Paris, Nice and Cannes, which you can visit by renting a car. By renting a car in Paris, you can find a very good hotel around Paris at a much more reasonable price. Take the city center hotels and get around easily, you can also rent a car to Versailles, which is less than Paris, and visit the Palace of Versailles, then go to Nice and see the beautiful scenery along the way. Enjoy and rent a car in Nice to explore this city and enjoy the beautiful and azure beach of Nice and from there travel to the port city of Cannes and rent a car in Cannes to explore the whole city Pay.

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