Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental

Cities covered by the sweech in Iran?

Sweech, the representative of Europcar in Iran, offers car rental services with driver and car rental without driver in more than 11 cities and 15 stations and all international airports in Iran. It should be noted that in order to provide better service, Sweech will soon set up stations throughout Iran.

Countries covered by sweech outside Iran?

Iran Sweech with expansion in more than 140 countries and more than 3876 stations allows passengers to get the car they need in high-traffic countries such as the UAE, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. and enjoy the journey with peace of mind. Enjoy, Iran Sweech also provides the possibility of international certification on a 24-hour basis for this group of passengers.

How to rent a car from Sweech in Iran?

Dear customers, you can choose your desired car in one of 15 cities and 23 switch stations across the country by phone, email and website, and after providing a picture of the documents required for renting a car, make your reservation and Receive the car from the desired station on the date and time of your choice.

Documents required to rent a car from a sweech in Iran?

Driver’s license image + national card image + valid work document or image of document or lease of residence + fisherman’s check or if you do not have a check, you can use cash deposit and promissory note (it will be returned to you when the car is returned). Payment of 1 million Tomans as a deposit for driving offenses, which will be returned to the customer after 60 working days.

How to rent a car from Sweech outside Iran?

By renting a car from a sweech outside of Iran, you can rent the car you need in each class, according to your budget and type of trip, without the need for a credit card, and do all your financial affairs in Rials in Iran.
To rent a car outside of Iran, you can call the internal contact number 02191015400 1 or click the contact us page for more information.

Documents required to rent a car from a sweech outside Iran?

Complete the real customers form + a guarantee check item + passport image

* If you do not have a guarantee check, you can use cash.

Sweech car rental facilities outside Iran?

Possibility of receiving a car from one country and returning it to another country

Delivery and return of vehicles at airports, railway stations and major city centers

Ability to select the option of travel without unlimited mileage (Unlimited Mileage)

Providing special accessories such as navigator, wheel chains, child seats, second driver and…

Reduce rental prices by increasing the number of car rental days

Provide hybrid vehicles to reduce environmental pollution

Sweech car rental services outside Iran?

Car rental in 140 countries without the need for a credit card

Car reservation in less than 30 minutes and car delivery in less than 3 hours

Book a car with the minimum required documents (warranty check and picture of national card or passport)

Providing insurance package including body, passenger and theft in different coverage levels from normal and medium to complete

Carrying out all financial affairs in Iran Sweech in Rials from the time of booking, during the use of services and after receiving the invoice

Ability to select the option of travel without unlimited mileage (Unlimited Mileage)

24-hour support by Iran Sweech

Follow up any customer complaints when using the service or after returning the car

Do sweech machines have insurance?

All vehicles of the company have basic body and third party insurance, which is responsible for paying up to 10 million Tomans for third party insurance and up to 3 million Tomans for body insurance. If you wish, you can get more complete insurances such as Medium. And buy the premium and minimize your risk.

What is the minimum and maximum car rental period?

The minimum rental period for a car without a driver is 24 hours and the maximum rental period for a car without a driver is one year. The rental period of the bride’s car is negotiable and varies depending on the tour program and the intercity route.

What happens if a car has a technical defect?

In case of technical defects, our colleagues will be present at the site and if they are able to repair on site, the car will be repaired, otherwise they will deliver the damaged car and provide a replacement car to the customer, also if If the customer is in a city where it is not possible for the sweech technical team to be present, the customer will be asked to use the car assistance or go to the repair shop, after which the passenger will be paid for the repair.

Who pays for petrol and car wash in rental cars?

When renting a car without a driver, the car is washed and delivered to dear customers with a full gas tank. At the time of returning the car, if the car needs a car wash or the car has a fuel deduction, the cost is borne by the customer.

What is the kilometer limit on car rental?

The kilometer limit in all sweech car classes inside and outside the country is 300 kilometers per day.
It is also possible to offer all cars inside and outside the country without unlimited mileage.

Iran Car Rental Sweech has been the official representative of Iran since 2011 in the field of chauffeured car rental and driverless car rental. Scan started working with more than 23 stations in 15 cities and all international airports in Iran. This group provides services in Iran as well as all over the world without the need for a credit card.


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