Car rental in Austria

Austria can be described by its snow-capped Alps and lush plains leading to the Danube. Urban and modern life along with attractive and pristine nature will attract all tastes. Historic buildings and churches, magnificent castles and palaces with Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque architecture, each with fascinating stories to tell, music festivals and concert and opera halls, make this land one of the most attractive countries on the Green Continent. The capital is Vienna, known as the birthplace of world music, and great musicians like Beethoven have emerged from the heart of the city. The country is bordered by the Czech Republic to the north, Hungary to the east, Italy to the southwest, Switzerland to the west and It is bordered by Germany to the northwest.

Travel to Austria

  • Minimum legal driving age: 18 years
  • Kilometer limit in the city: 40 to 50 km
  • Out-of-town speed limit: 100 km
  • Highway speed limit: 120 to 110 km
  • Alcoholic beverages while driving: not allowed
  • Insurance: Insurance is also required for vehicles
  • Route of cars: Cars in Austria move on the right side of the street
  • Currency: Euro
  • Gasoline price per liter: 1.54 euros
    Contact number of the Austrian Embassy in Tehran 02122750040
    Contact number of the Iranian Embassy in Austria 00431712265759

Car rental in Austria

If you are planning to travel to Austria and you want to reach the sights of this beautiful European country full of culture and civilization, renting a car in Austria is the best option. Summer hiking in the heart of nature, hiking, boating, canyoning and mountain biking and winter skiing on the slopes are other fun recreational activities you can experience in Austrian nature. By renting a car in Austria, you can visit more and more diverse areas of the country more easily and at a lower cost than other vehicles by scheduling your trip.

Car rental in Vienna

Among the sights of this beautiful European country, full of culture and civilization, visiting the two famous cities of Vienna and Salzburg will be a unique experience that you can visit by renting a car. By renting a car in Vienna, you can see and enjoy all the attractive Baroque-style monuments, the palaces of the Kingdom of Vienna, the churches of the Memorial Towers and other beautiful monuments of this architectural world. Visit the hometown of Mozart, the world-famous musician.

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