Car rental services from the sweech

Switch Company offers its services in the form of car rental with driver and car rental without driver in Iran and all over the world. Sweech contracts are provided to customers in the short, long and long term. The company is ready to serve Iranians with a fleet consisting of luxury to economy cars inside and outside the country. International certification, airport and intercity transfers are other sweech services.

5-hour, 10-hour and city shuttle service is provided by the sweech. All sweech drivers are uniformed, fluent in urban planning, familiar with English and familiar with the principles of etiquette.

Iran Car Rental Sweech, official car rental and driverless car rental is officially represented by Europcar Iran in 2011. In Tarama, 15 cities and all over Iran, air strikes were launched on the station at 22 o’clock. For this group, Iran’s service is needed everywhere in the credit card anywhere in the world.

Sweech Building NO.14 , Corner of Toloue  Alley 2, Shafaq St., 16 Nasim St., Kuhak ,  Chitgar, Tehran, Iran

Postal Code:1485713392

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